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Whether you started your business years ago, took over or inherited a family business, or purchased an already existing business, making the decision to sell your business can be difficult. Most business owners have experienced difficult periods when they temporarily wished they could quickly sell their business. However, a truly motivated seller is someone who has made a decision to sell after careful consideration. Indeed, a business owner who is considering selling should be able to clearly answer the question "Why do you want to sell your business?"


There are many reasons business owners decide to sell. Some of these reasons are as follows:


  • Retirement

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Relocation

  • Health Issues

  • Lack of Time to Successfully Operate the Business

  • Tired of the Business

  • Boredom/Lack of Challenge

  • Declining Profitability

Whatever the reason you may be considering selling, the actual marketing and selling process can be challenging and even overwhelming. Many questions that need to be considered include:


  • "What is my business really worth?"

  • "How do I market my business?"

  • "How do I keep the sale confidential?"

  • "How do I find a qualified buyer?"

  • "How do I negotiate with a prospective buyer?"

  • "How do make time to market the business, meet potential buyers, write offers, etc."


TrusT Business Brokers is dedicated to assisting business owners sell their businesses. We specialize in the sale of businesses, both franchised and independent. Some examples of businesses that Trust Business Brokers sells are:


  • Automotive Businesses (Repair Shops, Body Shops, Car Washes, Car Sales Lots, etc.)

  • Bakeries and Donut Shops

  • Bars

  • Coffee Shops

  • Distribution/Wholesale Businesses

  • Dry Cleaners

  • Food Service Establishments

  • Cafes/Deli's

  • Carry-Out & Delivery Restaurants

  • Family Restaurants

  • Fine Dining Restaurants

  • Ethnic Restaurants

  • Florists

  • Gift Shops

  • Hair Salons, Spas, Nail Salons

  • Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Shops

  • Laundromats

  • Manufacturing Businesses

  • Party Stores/Liquor Stores/Grocery Stores

  • Pizzerias

  • Retail Businesses

  • Service Businesses

  • Sub Shops

  • and many more!

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You might think your attorney is the best person to help you buy a business. The truth is, the only thing most attorneys  learned about businesses purchases is a brief mention in one of their classes years ago.


Of course, they won’t tell you this. They’ll accept the job and pretend to be experts, charging you eye-watering fees while they muddle their way through. But there’s so much they’re missing.


Because buying a business isn’t just about the legal stuff - it’s so much more. It’s about psychology, marketing and ingenuity. It’s about studying the market and buying the right business for your goals and strengths. Plus, it’s also about understanding both the emotional AND practical sides of investing in a company.


The most important thing is finding the right business for your lifestyle, so you can enjoy financial freedom in a way that works for you. When you’re buying a business, you want someone on your side who understands all this - that’s where Trust Business Brokers comes in. We’ll be your Business Buying Coach, leading you through the process of buying a business from start to finish - so you can find the right company for you.


As you Business Buying Coach we will instruct you on:


  1. How Do I Find The Right Business To Purchase?

  2. What Size Of A Business Can I Afford?

  3. What Are The Most Common Types Of Business Acquisition Financing?

  4. Do All Banks Finance Business Acquisitions?

  5. Why Do I Need To Sign A Non-Disclosure Agreement?

  6. After I Sign An NDA On A Business, What Information Should I Expect To Receive?

  7. Are Asking Prices Negotiable?

  8. When Should I Be Able To Meet The Owner And Visit The Business Location?

  9. Do I Need To Hire An Attorney And/Or A CPA?

  10. How Are Buy-Side Brokers Paid?

  11. Do I Need To Use An Escrow Agent?

  12. Who Pays Closing Costs?

  13. How Long Should It Take To Close A Deal?

  14. What Terms Should Be Included In The Letter Of Intent?

  15. What Are Sellers’ Biggest Concerns About Buyers?


Interested in Trust Business Brokers being your coach?

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