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Pros And Cons Of Working With Business Brokers In Arizona

There comes a time in the life of many businesses that it makes sense to sell as the owner. You might be sick of running the company, ready to retire or just ready to move on to something else. No matter what the reason is, businesses for sale in Arizona are best sold off by Arizona business brokers in many cases. Sure there are some pros and cons to using Arizona business brokers, but many people enjoy the experience more than handling a sale themselves. If you’re thinking of working with business brokers in Phoenix, take a minute to read through the pros and cons of utilizing this type of service.


The Pros

Less Work

The main reason that businesses for sale in Arizona are willing to work with business brokers in Phoenix is because they don’t want to deal with all the hassle of selling a business. Brokers know how to do this, and they will take on the work for you. That’s very convenient and enjoyable for someone that doesn’t want to spend the time themselves. It’s one of the main reasons why so many business owners work with brokers. They can sell the company without spending much time or effort doing so.

Confidential Sales

It’s bad for a business sale to become public, and most brokers have networks of professionals that make it possible to complete sales without the information becoming public right away. That means you can offload your company without damaging it too much when working with Arizona business brokers. The same may be more difficult when you do it all yourself.

Command Higher Prices

One of the biggest pros of selling a business with the help of business brokers in Phoenix is that you’ll likely end up receiving a higher offer for your business and end up with more profit. Even when paying out a commission to the broker, you’ll walk away with a greater amount of money out of the deal and you won’t have had to do anything other than hire the expert.

The Cons

A Tied up Business

When working with a broker, they’re going to demand exclusivity during the sale period. That means your businesses for sale in Arizona need to be managed by the company and that you can’t just jump to a different broker if the first broker isn’t doing a decent job. This also means that you can’t take a favorable offer from another broker unless you allow the broker to manage the deal and take their cut. This can be frustrating if while working with one of the Arizona business brokers you manage to find a taker for your business on your own. After all, you did the work, so you will not want to pay a commission to the broker, but you will be obligated to do so anyway.

Commission Expenses

One of the major downsides to using business brokers in Phoenix or anywhere else in the world is that you’ll have to pay out money in the form of a commission when the business sells. That means you’ll end up with less money from the sale in the end, and some business brokers in Phoenix can be quite expensive for a small business. The truth is that most business brokers will help you achieve a higher price, which would all but make up for that commission when the sale is finalized.

Now you should have an idea of the pros and cons of hiring Arizona business brokers to manage the sale of your business for you. Sit down, talk with your partners and decide if using a broker makes sense. Many people would agree that it does.

Role Of Business Brokers In Selling or Buying A Business In Arizona

When selling a business in Arizona, many owners decide to go with a broker to complete the process. This takes much of the work off of their shoulders and leaves the company in the hands of a professional that can maximize profits. When considering hiring one of the business brokers in Phoenix, it’s important to understand how these professionals work and what they offer to a business deal. Whether you are buying a business in Arizona or selling one off, you need to know how to deal with a broker.


Find the Buyer

The main focus of business brokers in Phoenix is to find an interested buyer. They’ll utilize their contacts and careful advertising techniques to locate interested investors that want a business. It takes a lot of time to locate interested buyers for something as large as a full business, which is why brokers are so valuable.

Handle the Negotiations

After the brokers find someone interested in buying a business in Arizona, they will work to get the best possible price out of the buyer. They’ll negotiate with the buyer while talking with the seller to make sure everyone is happy with the terms of the agreement. This process can take several weeks or months to go through, and business brokers in Phoenix will help manage the negotiations for the best possible outcome for the seller.

Help with the Transfer Process

Once the business sale is finalized, business brokers in Phoenix will help with the business transfer process as well. They’ll facilitate paperwork and contracts and push the deal through.

Selling a business in Arizona isn’t simple to do, but it’s worthwhile to anyone that doesn’t want to own a business any longer. Deciding whether to work with a business broker or not is a major decision, and understanding what these business brokers in Phoenix will actually do for you should help you make that decision. Spend the time to learn the process and you’ll understand the true value of brokers, whether you are buying a business in Arizona or looking for a buyer for one of your own businesses.

Pet Grooming Business Sells

My wife and I are quite pleased to have been able to sell both our Pet Grooming businesses  in a months’ time. As we were closing on one, we were going under contract to sell  the other one. Chris and his team made it happen!

Thanks Chris

Brian & Betty